I receive my first Adsense Payment..

5/29/2008 09:05:00 PM | with 0 comments »

As what I have told you last Monday, my $100 is on its way and yesterday I got it.

I get my adsense payment through Western Union and I am so happy. That payment is my very first payment from adsense. It is not that big but I am still so happy.

To be exact, I get $102.70 and with an equivalent rate of 43.66 in peso. That means, I get 4,483.88 pesos. Not bad right? For a beginner earning a dollar is really a big thing. To think that the rate of dollars here in our country becomes higher as day passes by.

Well, I am already working on my blogs for me to be able to reach another $100. Hope I can make it again and maybe a little higher.. :)


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Adsense Account Need To Be Updated..

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adsense logoI think adsense users should be very much aware about this. Specially those users who uses their own domain in managing their Google accounts.

According to Google Adsense Blog, Google accounts need to be updated because if you did not do so, you will not be able to access your Google account soon.

Google accounts are requiring everyone to update their accounts from 'youremail@yourdomain.com' to 'youremail@gmail.com'

Visit Google adsense blog for more information.

My $100 is on its way!..

5/26/2008 04:31:00 PM | with 0 comments »

$100 dollarsWhow!.. after waiting for several months I will finally receive my payment.

Why for several months? well, I am having a second thought before if I am going to add adsense on my blog. To think that on my previous work lots of my co-workers are already getting paid off just by blogging and they are earning lots of hundreds.

After thinking several times, I added adsense on my blog I think two months ago. You can say that, it really takes time before I earned a hundred dollars unlike other bloggers. Maybe, I just don't want my site to be penalize because of adding lots of ads on it. And also I don't like the look of a blog with lots of adsense so i try to make it neat and finally I added adsense on my two blogs perfectly (i think!).

It also takes time before I earned a hundred because I stopped blogging for a month. Why? because I don't have my own PC at home so the time that I can blog is when I am in front of my desk on my work. But unfortunately, the company where I worked was having a hard time talking to their client so they decided to put as on leave and never contact us again. So, that's the main reason why I stopped blogging.

Now, I am starting all over again. I did not able to update my blogs for almost two months, good thing there are still visitors who still visiting my blogs. But now, I am going to update my blog maybe twice a week for me to be able to get my visitors back.

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