May UCC Blogger Kaya?

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I am just wondering if there are some bloggers out there who graduated in University of Caloocan City (UCC) or maybe nag-aaral sa UCC.

I graduated on that school last 2007 and maganda naman ang result. Heto ko napasok sa kakaibang field na di ko alam na nag-eexist pala.

Meron kayang katulad ko na graduate sa UCC then now ini-enjoy and pagiging SEO o kahit pagiging blogger? Yung tipo bang nag-eearn talaga na malaki o kahit hindi ganun kalaki basta nag-eenjoy.

Try to search for the word UCC at ang lalabas sa search mo its either about sa Cafe o kaya sa mga churches. By the way, UCC or University of Caloocan City is the former Caloocan City Polytechnic College (CCPC). Sabi ng iba para din daw UP ang exam kasi mahirap pero mas mababa pa din ang tuition fee kesa UP. Pag nakapasa ka sa exam almost Php.1000 lang ang babayaran. Scholar lahat ng makakapasok and the only thing that you need to do is to maintain your grades. (promotion?)

Anyway, sana kahit papano may maligaw dito sa blog ko na magcomment na Ei! taga UCC din ako at successful blogger o kaya SEO na din. Hehe.

(praying) Sana nga meron. Para hindi ako nag-iisa. Hehe. Kasi logo nga ng UCC wala ko makita eh.

Is it really hard to SEO a Site?

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I have seen lots of blogger and SEO all over the internet world. They even earn lots of money just by SEO.

It maybe hard to do SEO on your site but, if you really wanted to earn dollars you have to do it. I know not all bloggers are on to money making but still you need to SEO your site just to make sure it will rank good in a search engine specially in Google.

Search Engine Optimization is a very long process. In my own opinion it is a non-stop process when you have a site. According to some experts SEO is a great way for your site to get noticed a free marketing strategy.

Chris Bloggs said that “Search Engine Optimization is a lifelong engagement”. That should always keep in mind. You have to make a site search engine friendly, with right keywords that are usually used by different people.

One of the way to keep your visitors coming back to your site is by writing articles, press releases and other information frequently. You have to plan every little details that you have to do for your visitors to check your site again and for them to leave a valuable comments.

According to Amit Singhal, a google fellow in charge of search rankings said that Google judges sites according to the subjective opinions of users who linked to them. She also said that Google believes that web are built by people that means a simple algorithm will not always bring up the best results.

For almost a year of doing SEO I know that what I learned is not enough. I still need to read more ebooks, articles, press releases and most specially join and participate to different forums. This is really a big challenge for me.

So, for those who are doing SEO for a long time is it really this hard to SEO a site?

Olive Riley: The World's Oldest Blogger

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"How the days have flown, even though I've been in bed more of the time. I still feel weak, and can't shake off that bad cough,"

That is the last entry that Olive Riley wrote on her blog while she's in a nursing home.

Olive Riley the world's oldest blogger from Australia died last July 12, 2008 at the age of 108. She was born October 20, 1899 in Western New South Wales.

She started to create a blog last February 2007 and within 1 year and 5 months she already had 70 messages on her blog. She wrote different things on her blog mostly she wrote those differences that the younger generations experiencing for example last month she wrote about the washing machine that we are using right now.

According to her grand son Darren Stone the blog of her grand mother was moved and can be access at this URL

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