How Newsletter help with SEO?

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How Newsletter help with SEO?

My Boss told me to write a newsletter for our company site. And he asks me how newsletter helps with SEO?

First we must define what Newsletter is.

Newsletter is an article that is regularly updated and distributed about a topic that is related to your site. Newsletters are delivered electronically via e-mail to the subscribers daily or every time there is an update.

Newsletter can also provide information about the company for the interest of the readers. It can be sold or distributed free to the subscribers.

Writing a newsletter can help with SEO by bringing more traffic to a site. But, this is not that easy. You must come up with the best article with unique contents and can make your readers interested to your main site or product.

You should consider who will be reading your article. A new and informative newsletter should be the main feature of a newsletter. Those newsletters without content and more of advertisement is not good. It can also be a simple instruction or guides, tips and also factual and informative pieces.

You should write an article regularly either weekly or daily and you should send those articles to free article directories and also free press releases for your article to become popular. A newsletter does not require being so long but, it should be precise and informative.

Writing a newsletter can make a site more popular and this is one of the best internet marketing tools. Your client/subscribers love reading different article about your site and also your success. Right now, there are many sites or people who are willing to write for a certain website no matter what niche you site is in a very affordable prize.


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