I teach them how to blog

7/14/2008 02:05:00 PM | with 1 comments »

I teach them how to blogHey guys!. I just teach some of my new friends how to blog. They ask me what's my work is and I told them that I am an SEO and aside from I am earning from the company where I work I also earn through my blog.

They ask me how so I told them everything that I know. We went in an Internet shop and then I started to teach them.

I am not that professional but, I think I can teach them the basic things that they needed to know and I told them that if they do have questions just ask Google.

One of them started to publish some of her works. I think she's a journalism student and here's her newly created blog.


I told them to use blogger because they don't have any knowledge when it comes to programming. So I guess blogspot is the right place for them.

They are all looking forward to earn a bit while studying and doing other stuff.

I told them that if they do have lots of things in mind and feel like writing it on a piece of paper why not right it on a blog.

Blogging is one of the IN thing this days and I have seen lots of people who are on to blogging even kids. So, for those who doesn't have one start your own blog now!. You will surely having fun.


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