Joining Forums Does It Help?

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Have you tried to join lots of forums? Does those forums helps your site to gain more traffic? As an SEO, does it help you learn more things about the field that you choose?

Well, I am a SEO and joining forums really help me a lot, specially if I want to learn something.

There are lots of forums out there that will really help a SEO to learn different things. Aside from buying different books and searching from the net. You can also ask different web masters who are on the forums. They will surely answer you back that will make you improve on what you are doing. You can also ask them for some other tools that can help your site and even you as a SEO.

Some popular forums that I know are Digital Point, Google community, V7 Network, SEO chat, and many more. You can also join blogging forums if you want to promote your site or if you also want to ask something. Bloggeries, Blogger Forums, Blogger Talk, Authority Blogger are some of the popular blogging forums.

Through those forums your site can gain traffic. Usually, SEO and bloggers leave their links on their signature. Because of that links it will be crawled by Google and count as your back links. You can also ask those web masters if they can check your site and that's for traffic.

Those that I mentioned are some of the benefits that you will get if you join forums. But, as a forum member you should be aware that there are lots of spammers out there who will going to spam your site. Some spammers will send you a private message or sometimes they will leave some comments on your blog. If you suspect about someone who is spamming your site you can immediately report it to the moderators of the forums where you are a member. As a moderators they will check if your suspect is true and they will warn or worst they will banned the said member who is a "spammer".

I am already a member of some popular SEO and blogging forums out there and I can say that I am learning. Every time I logged in on those forums I learn something different. And sometimes I even help other members. As an SEO, I think helping other newbies are very much full filing. Seeing them improving and learning just like you.

As of now, joining those forums is really a big help. Not only to my blogs but also to my job as a SEO. They easily answers my question every time I can't understand something. Even though, there are some criticism but through that criticism I am improving. Those bad words can make me stronger and strive harder. And I think, I don't wanna quit.

Images to traffic

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Do you have some images on your blog? If you do, do you know that it can be used as a source of traffic?.

We added images on our blog to make it more appealing and sometimes to make your post look more lively. And sometimes we only uses images and there's no other text on it.

In uploading different images you can used different image hosting site such as ImageShack, photobucket, flicker and even google page creator. By using those image hosting site you have a little chance to lose those images. Because sometimes if you just copy and paste the exact URL of the image there are possibility that the images will lose on the SERP.

If you already do some uploading on the image hosting site of your choice make sure that you use good keyword names for your images. For example you have an image of a baby crying you can save that images with the name baby_crying.jpeg. In that way when a google will easily think that your site is a baby crying. Think of names that will be easily crawled by google you have to be creative in giving your images a names.

After naming and embedding your images on your site used the attribute "alt". As you notice on the other website when you hover your mouse on the images there are text that shows up. It means that, the site owner uses Alt tag in their images.

Here's an example:

The alt="Batman Begins' sequel the dark knight" is the alt attribute of the image darkknightkp8.jpg. Just make sure that your alt tag is descriptive and not too long.

In putting images on your site make sure its not that big. Because the bigger the images the longer it takes to load your site. You can use width and height attributes on that way, the look of your images on your site maybe smaller but when the viewer click it, it will display a bigger resolution. And also try to look for an images with a smaller file size this is also for the quicker loading time of your site.

Some bloggers uses CSS tricks for their images they uses div tags for their images. Through div tags you can put your images on the left side of your post or on the right and you can even add some border on it.

Through those ways that I mentioned, your images will soon be a big help to improve the traffic of your site and your site can be more visible on SERP.

Link Building

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What is link building? How does link building helps a site?

On my own definition, link building is a strategy where a SEO or blogger will look for different sites that are related to their site. They will collect those site and ask the owner if they are allowing link exchange.

Link building is the practice of obtaining links from other wen sites to your sites. There are some website who will allow a webmaster to link to their website for free and there are some that you will need to pay. It was said to be that paying for a reciprocal link are more effective.

Google are giving more importance to those site who has lots of relevant links. The more links your site have the more popular it is. One way that you can do for your site to be popular is link building. I know it is so difficult but if you really want your site to rank you will do everything that you can.

Through this article, you will find some information and ways on how to build links for your site.

I'll start with directory submission. There are lots of directories available on the web just make sure that you will put your listings on the right category. Directories are sometimes free and don't ask for reciprocals. And some are paid ones. Those free directories allows you to add your site but that will take time before they will approve it. You can also look for a link partner. Those webmasters who has sites with the same niche as your site. You can email them and ask them politely for link exchange.

If someone is asking for a link exchange before saying "yes" make sure to check their site first. You can do that by checking if that particular site was already crawled by Google by "" where domainname is the URL of the site. You can also use some link checker that is available on the web like Link Popularity Check.

Article Submission can also help in link building. You can easily write your own article and just add your link to it. Then after writing your own article you can easily submit that article to different free article submission. Just follow their guidelines for your article to be approved.

Another way to build link is by social bookmarking. There are lots of people who is into it. Technorati, StumbleUpon, Digg and are some of the popular social bookmarking site.

And last but not the least is commenting to other sites. You can easily look for different site with interesting niche. You can leave your link on the site that you choose just by commenting on it.

Those are some ways of link building that can make your site rank on Search Engines. But, looking for backlinks is not the only way for your site to rank on Search Engine and to gain page rank (PR). You also need to update your site more often the more fresh content your site has the more readers that will visit your site.

Boosting traffic, How to do it?

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As a blogger, you want your blog to gain more traffic. The more traffic your blog have it means that your blog is so popular and usually the more traffic you have the more money will come to you.

Through this article you will learn how to boost traffic to your blog. I am hoping that it will help lots of bloggers out there.

Some bloggers think that setting up their blogs and adding some post can get them lots of visitors and even regular visitors. But, as a blogger if you are only doing those kind of stuff your site will not gain that lots of traffic. You are forgetting your SEO work. The On Page Optimization.

On-Page Optimization includes the content and structure of your blog. Thinking the best name is one of the factor and also the usability of your blog. A blog that don't have that good style is sometimes boring. Choosing the right template for your site that are good to the eyes of the reader and can be easily navigate is one of the best way to optimize your site to boost traffic. Most of the webmasters suggested that an about page should be included to a blog for the readers to know who runs the blog and for them to be able to contact the owners if ever they have some questions or suggestions.

Next is the content, your site should have unique contents. You should create a blog with the niche that you really like or you specialize. In that way, you can easily right articles or contents for your blog. If you have the most relevant and informative content lots of visitors will come and your traffic will boost up.

Social bookmarking can also help to boost traffic to your site. Some examples of which are Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon and many more. Those three that I mentioned are some of the most popular social bookmarking sites with a large ranking.

Feedburner or the RSS is also one of the source of traffic. It is where you can automatically saves your updates and where the user subscribe for the latest updates of your blog. Through the feedburner, visitors will come back to your site to read your latest article or post.

Those are some of the ways of boosting traffic of your blog. If you do it correctly then, I am sure that you will easily gain lots of visitors and even make them come back and read more of your post.

Blogging How to do it..

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We usually create blogs for fun, to earn money and sometimes to promote other sites. But, do you really know how to blog? How to do it right for your blog to rank good on the Search Engines?

On this article, I will state some tips and tricks on how to create a blog that will surely rank in SEs in a longer period of time. Those tips that I usually read from SEO forums that most web masters said.

I know blogging is a very exciting thing to do on the net. To think that you earn from blogging and get to know different people from different part of the world.

The first thing that we bloggers need to know on how to do right in blogging is what's your blog all about? What are you going to post on your blogs that can make readers be interested to read more. After spending several hours on thinking on the right niche for your blog you must think of the best title for your blog. You can make some list of titles you want and sometimes bloggers uses some tools for them to have different lists of titles for their site. Then, you also need to choose the right platform that you think you can easily manage. Blogger and Wordpress are some of the most popular platforms with lots of free templates available on the web.

Next, after choosing the right title for your blog you will start writing articles to be posted on your blog. Reading other blogs with same niche as yours can makes you more inspired and for more ideas. But, make sure not to copy other peoples articles. Your articles should be interesting and informative for the readers to continue reading it.

Many bloggers want there site to be visible on most of the search engines. If you also want to do that create an article that is keyword rich. You can include keywords on your title and also on your post but make sure the title will not be longer than 10-12 words.

Posting more often can makes your readers become more interested to your site because they learn different things everyday. Make sure to allow comments on your blog for you to be able to know the feedback of your readers.

You can also do some link exchange to make your site more popular. There are directories that offer free submission and also some social bookmarking. If you have a little budget for your site and submit your site to a paid directories make sure not to lose that directory all a sudden because that may cause your site to drop its ranking.

Other than that, if your site started to climb up and more and more visitors are visiting your site. You should avoid changing your website specially re-designing it. Because it has a big effect on the rankings of your blog. Nowadays, google has a filter for those site that changes more often. If you change your site, your site will be temporarily filtered by google.

You should also avoid spamming, the use of cloaking, hidden text and doorway pages are some of the spam techniques that can makes your site be penalized. And also make sure your server is up and running smoothly.

Those are some tips and tricks that you should do in Blogging. There are so many things that you need to learn if you really want to have a website that rank good in different Search Engines such as MSN, Yahoo and most specially Google.

Now that you know how to blog and how to do it right you can now start blogging.


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Welcome Dear Readers..

I know lots of you will agree that Blogging is really fun!. Through Blogging you can share your ideas and you can even earn money.

I am blogging for almost six months and as of now I already created 2 blogs. I can say that I am doing good when it comes to blogging.

Blogging is one of the IN thing nowadays when it comes to networking. I am not an expert but, I'll be glad to share every little details that I learned for the span of six months.

Blogging Plus can be a guide for those person who are new to the Blogging World.

Hope you'll enjoy browsing my site and I am also hoping that you will learn something.

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