Link Building

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What is link building? How does link building helps a site?

On my own definition, link building is a strategy where a SEO or blogger will look for different sites that are related to their site. They will collect those site and ask the owner if they are allowing link exchange.

Link building is the practice of obtaining links from other wen sites to your sites. There are some website who will allow a webmaster to link to their website for free and there are some that you will need to pay. It was said to be that paying for a reciprocal link are more effective.

Google are giving more importance to those site who has lots of relevant links. The more links your site have the more popular it is. One way that you can do for your site to be popular is link building. I know it is so difficult but if you really want your site to rank you will do everything that you can.

Through this article, you will find some information and ways on how to build links for your site.

I'll start with directory submission. There are lots of directories available on the web just make sure that you will put your listings on the right category. Directories are sometimes free and don't ask for reciprocals. And some are paid ones. Those free directories allows you to add your site but that will take time before they will approve it. You can also look for a link partner. Those webmasters who has sites with the same niche as your site. You can email them and ask them politely for link exchange.

If someone is asking for a link exchange before saying "yes" make sure to check their site first. You can do that by checking if that particular site was already crawled by Google by "" where domainname is the URL of the site. You can also use some link checker that is available on the web like Link Popularity Check.

Article Submission can also help in link building. You can easily write your own article and just add your link to it. Then after writing your own article you can easily submit that article to different free article submission. Just follow their guidelines for your article to be approved.

Another way to build link is by social bookmarking. There are lots of people who is into it. Technorati, StumbleUpon, Digg and are some of the popular social bookmarking site.

And last but not the least is commenting to other sites. You can easily look for different site with interesting niche. You can leave your link on the site that you choose just by commenting on it.

Those are some ways of link building that can make your site rank on Search Engines. But, looking for backlinks is not the only way for your site to rank on Search Engine and to gain page rank (PR). You also need to update your site more often the more fresh content your site has the more readers that will visit your site.


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