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Do you have some images on your blog? If you do, do you know that it can be used as a source of traffic?.

We added images on our blog to make it more appealing and sometimes to make your post look more lively. And sometimes we only uses images and there's no other text on it.

In uploading different images you can used different image hosting site such as ImageShack, photobucket, flicker and even google page creator. By using those image hosting site you have a little chance to lose those images. Because sometimes if you just copy and paste the exact URL of the image there are possibility that the images will lose on the SERP.

If you already do some uploading on the image hosting site of your choice make sure that you use good keyword names for your images. For example you have an image of a baby crying you can save that images with the name baby_crying.jpeg. In that way when a google will easily think that your site is a baby crying. Think of names that will be easily crawled by google you have to be creative in giving your images a names.

After naming and embedding your images on your site used the attribute "alt". As you notice on the other website when you hover your mouse on the images there are text that shows up. It means that, the site owner uses Alt tag in their images.

Here's an example:

The alt="Batman Begins' sequel the dark knight" is the alt attribute of the image darkknightkp8.jpg. Just make sure that your alt tag is descriptive and not too long.

In putting images on your site make sure its not that big. Because the bigger the images the longer it takes to load your site. You can use width and height attributes on that way, the look of your images on your site maybe smaller but when the viewer click it, it will display a bigger resolution. And also try to look for an images with a smaller file size this is also for the quicker loading time of your site.

Some bloggers uses CSS tricks for their images they uses div tags for their images. Through div tags you can put your images on the left side of your post or on the right and you can even add some border on it.

Through those ways that I mentioned, your images will soon be a big help to improve the traffic of your site and your site can be more visible on SERP.


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