May UCC Blogger Kaya?

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I am just wondering if there are some bloggers out there who graduated in University of Caloocan City (UCC) or maybe nag-aaral sa UCC.

I graduated on that school last 2007 and maganda naman ang result. Heto ko napasok sa kakaibang field na di ko alam na nag-eexist pala.

Meron kayang katulad ko na graduate sa UCC then now ini-enjoy and pagiging SEO o kahit pagiging blogger? Yung tipo bang nag-eearn talaga na malaki o kahit hindi ganun kalaki basta nag-eenjoy.

Try to search for the word UCC at ang lalabas sa search mo its either about sa Cafe o kaya sa mga churches. By the way, UCC or University of Caloocan City is the former Caloocan City Polytechnic College (CCPC). Sabi ng iba para din daw UP ang exam kasi mahirap pero mas mababa pa din ang tuition fee kesa UP. Pag nakapasa ka sa exam almost Php.1000 lang ang babayaran. Scholar lahat ng makakapasok and the only thing that you need to do is to maintain your grades. (promotion?)

Anyway, sana kahit papano may maligaw dito sa blog ko na magcomment na Ei! taga UCC din ako at successful blogger o kaya SEO na din. Hehe.

(praying) Sana nga meron. Para hindi ako nag-iisa. Hehe. Kasi logo nga ng UCC wala ko makita eh.

Is it really hard to SEO a Site?

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I have seen lots of blogger and SEO all over the internet world. They even earn lots of money just by SEO.

It maybe hard to do SEO on your site but, if you really wanted to earn dollars you have to do it. I know not all bloggers are on to money making but still you need to SEO your site just to make sure it will rank good in a search engine specially in Google.

Search Engine Optimization is a very long process. In my own opinion it is a non-stop process when you have a site. According to some experts SEO is a great way for your site to get noticed a free marketing strategy.

Chris Bloggs said that “Search Engine Optimization is a lifelong engagement”. That should always keep in mind. You have to make a site search engine friendly, with right keywords that are usually used by different people.

One of the way to keep your visitors coming back to your site is by writing articles, press releases and other information frequently. You have to plan every little details that you have to do for your visitors to check your site again and for them to leave a valuable comments.

According to Amit Singhal, a google fellow in charge of search rankings said that Google judges sites according to the subjective opinions of users who linked to them. She also said that Google believes that web are built by people that means a simple algorithm will not always bring up the best results.

For almost a year of doing SEO I know that what I learned is not enough. I still need to read more ebooks, articles, press releases and most specially join and participate to different forums. This is really a big challenge for me.

So, for those who are doing SEO for a long time is it really this hard to SEO a site?

Olive Riley: The World's Oldest Blogger

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"How the days have flown, even though I've been in bed more of the time. I still feel weak, and can't shake off that bad cough,"

That is the last entry that Olive Riley wrote on her blog while she's in a nursing home.

Olive Riley the world's oldest blogger from Australia died last July 12, 2008 at the age of 108. She was born October 20, 1899 in Western New South Wales.

She started to create a blog last February 2007 and within 1 year and 5 months she already had 70 messages on her blog. She wrote different things on her blog mostly she wrote those differences that the younger generations experiencing for example last month she wrote about the washing machine that we are using right now.

According to her grand son Darren Stone the blog of her grand mother was moved and can be access at this URL

I teach them how to blog

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I teach them how to blogHey guys!. I just teach some of my new friends how to blog. They ask me what's my work is and I told them that I am an SEO and aside from I am earning from the company where I work I also earn through my blog.

They ask me how so I told them everything that I know. We went in an Internet shop and then I started to teach them.

I am not that professional but, I think I can teach them the basic things that they needed to know and I told them that if they do have questions just ask Google.

One of them started to publish some of her works. I think she's a journalism student and here's her newly created blog.


I told them to use blogger because they don't have any knowledge when it comes to programming. So I guess blogspot is the right place for them.

They are all looking forward to earn a bit while studying and doing other stuff.

I told them that if they do have lots of things in mind and feel like writing it on a piece of paper why not right it on a blog.

Blogging is one of the IN thing this days and I have seen lots of people who are on to blogging even kids. So, for those who doesn't have one start your own blog now!. You will surely having fun.

My Own Domain!..

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Hey guys!..

I am currently working on my own domain right now. So in a few days time My Blogging Experience will be on its new domain which is my own domain. I am so excited!!.

My new domain is in wordpress so, I need to study first how to do it and I am starting to look for a template and also plug-ins.

I would like to say thank you to Hyperwebenable for giving me my own domain and it’s for free!

Hope I’ll be able to finish setting up my new site.

Good Luck to me! Hehe..

Rate My Philippines Contest

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Rate My Philippines Blog is holding a contest where winners can won almost $150.00 with 1 Journey Revelation Album cd/DVD with $10.00 cash via paypal and a free ad spot for 2 months.

In order to win you have to gain points and here are the mechanics.

  • Write a post about the contest just like this linking to the Rate My Philippines Blog (50 points)
  • Submit a link to Blog That Follow (50 points)
  • Stumble and fave the blog in technorati (10 points each)
  • RSS Subscribe by Email (10 points)
  • Join the Rate My Philippines community in MyBlogLog and blogcatalog (10 points)
  • Be the top Entrecard dropper on the Rate My Philippine Blog (20 points)

and many more. Every action you made on the blog has an equivalent points.

On July 28, 2008 they will pick the 4 lucky winners who earns the highest points.

For more information about the contest visit Rate My Philippines.

Write A Blog Using Your Own Language

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Write A Blog Using Your Own Language
I have seen and read lots of blogs mostly in English and also other languages.

A few minutes a go I read a post from Dansoy entitles If you just realize, what I just realize. You may think that the title of the post came from the lines of a song. Yes you are right but, upon reading that post I realized something.

I know I am too late about this but I think I should start writing a post in my own language. Maybe on that way I can express what I really feel and that will make it easier for me to write new post every day.

Ok I will start..

Alam ko talagang napaka-luma na talaga nito at malamang huling huli na ko sa balita. Pero wala lang, narealize ko lang ngayon lang. Kakabasa ko lang kasi ng blog ni Dansoy e. Alam ko marami ng gumawa nito pero I don't care!.

Aba! halos magkapalupalupot na ang dila at daliri ko kung paano ko magsusulat in English. Hehe :D Siguro gagawin ko magsulat sa blog ko ng tagalog at least twice a week. sa palagay niyo, dapat ko ba lagyan ng google translate button yung site ko para maintindihan ng iba kung ano pinagsusulat ko? Hehe :)

Sabi nga tangkilikin ang sariling wika!. To think na malapit na ang buwan ng Wika dito sa Pinas. Hehe mukhang mejo madrama na to ah!. Ok change topic na siguro.

Gusto ko lang mag-thank you este magpasalamat kay Dansoy para sa pagsulat ng makabuluhang post na yun. Masasabi ko na napakalawak ng utak mo!. Hehe bilib talaga ko. Salamat ulit.

Salamat Ulit at more power (ano ba sa tagalog yan?)

Want to earn 18,000 EC Credits and $50 in Advertising? Join this contest

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Do you want to earn 18,000 EC Credits and over $50 in Advertising?

If your answer is YES, all you have to do is join this contest by The Germz.

After creating Entrecard Credit Generator that really helps me to generate 300+ credit in just five minutes. This is another big thing that The Germz created. Because The Germz just celebrate his birthday last June 4, 2008. On that day, he decided to hold a contest.

Since my birthday is today, (July 4th) I’m holding a contest where you can win over 18500 Entrecard Credits and over $50 dollars in prizes. The best part of the contest is that it’s very easy to win as only one person will get the prizes to get them a boost in their blog traffic, with over 18,000 Entrecard credits you can get more traffic in a day than most bloggers get in a month.

Here are the list of prizes.

Novice Affiliate- 2500 Entrecard Credits.
Earn Blogger- 2000 Entrecard Credits.
Article Specialist- 2000 Entrecard Credits.
Blog Marketing and SEO Training- 1500 Entrecard Credits. Entrecard Credits.
Entreblast- 1000 Entrecard Credits.
Marc Dionisio- 1000 Entrecard Credits.
The Capitalist Guide- 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.
1 Million in 365 Days- 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.
Rumbling Lankan 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.
ulupongdotcom- 1000 Entrecard Credits.
Michael Aulia- 750 Entrecard Credits. 500 Entrecard Credits.
Video Blogging Tips- 500 Entrecard Credits.
Advertising for Success-500 Entrecard Credits.
Income Alternatives- 250 Entrecard Credits.
WinEntrecardCredits- 125 x 125 Advertising.
Teasa’s Blog Marketing Tips- 1 Month 125×125 Ad.
More merchant- 1 Month 125 x 125.
Wahb- 1 Month 125 x 125 Ad spot and a free site review.
AJN1- 1 Month 125 x 125 Ad Spot. 1 Free blog consultation.
Rockfuse- 1 Free blog consultation.

Here is how you can win!

1.Required Subscribe to my blog’s feed If you are already subscribed then just skip this part. (1 Ticket)
2.Post a comment on articles found on including this one. (1 Ticket for each comment)
3.Submit any page from to any Social bookmarking site, such as Digg/Stumbleupon etc. (2 Tickets for each submission)
4.Write about the contest (15 tickets)

Entrecard's Biggest Contest Ever by Fantasy Baseball

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To all Entrecarders:

Fantasy Baseball
just open the biggest contest on Entrecard where you can win lots of EC credits. I can't even count how many it is.

Here are the sponsors of the Biggest Entrecard Contest:

Fantasy Baseball - 10,000ec — You can trade in 10,000ec for, like, Graham’s car or something.
Q3-n - 5000ec — Q3-n is selling their 1950s dinette furniture to finance this contest. They say, “You’re welcome.”
Øblog - 4000ec — Wow! 4000ec is going for like $30 on the Entrecard market. Thanks, Weird Oh.
Evil Woobie - 3000ec — Hey, maybe she’s not so evil after all! Or is she? You make the call!
Turnip of Power - 1001ec — He was going to go with 1000 then he found an extra credit in his couch. Thanks, Turnip!
Celebrity Pictures - 1000ec — Credits were acquired through legal means. Supposedly.
Evil Entrecard Kid! - 1000ec — Entrecard trivia: Evil Woobie and Evil Entrecard Kid are not related. Yet.
Modern Glam - 1000ec — With the 1000ec, perhaps you’ll buy an imaginary 1000ec pashmina and hang it around your virtual neck.
Dot Com Mogul - 1000ec — With this 1000ec, you might be able to buy back Q3-n’s dinette furniture.
Blabberwocky - 1000ec — It’s a play on Jabberwocky.
Looking For Scoop - 1000ec — Nothing says “I can buy one popular ad” like 1000ec. - 1000ec — And she’ll teach you how she does that weird signature thing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look at her site.
Travelin’ Show - 1000ec — Message from the year 2012: Macy’s is now taking credits and a 1000 gets you one earring.
The Hypnotist - 1000ec — She will put you under a spell. Recognize!
Diet Pulpit - 1000ec — You can buy a lot of imaginary rice cakes with 1000ec. Side note, imaginary rice cakes taste better than real ones.
The Realtor - 500ec — You want insight. Listen to her write. It’s like magic beans growing in the backyard of your brain.
Romelo - 500ec — Romelo, Romelo, wherefore art thou 500ec? - 500ec — With gas prices soaring, it won’t be too long before 500ec goes for 501ec.
Inspire Emotion - 500ec — Almost pay for your favorite 512ec ad!
Sue Doe-Nim - 500ec — She’ll probably give you the credits then mock you for wanting them. That’s right — bonus!
Thailand Land of Smiles - 500ec — Actually, that’s 500 smiles.
FitnessLifeClub - 500ec — You’ll have to promise not to blow these credits on any fattening foods.
Lisa Cooking - 500ec — Surprise the whole family with 500 Entrecard credits.
JunkieYard Dot Com - 500ec — If you put these credits in a 401K, in 45 years you’ll have enough credits for a free e-card.
Movie Reviews - 500ec — You can’t buy a movie ticket with Entrecard credits. Yet. (Graham twirls his mustache. Contemplating world domination.)

Other prizes that are not EC Credit.

Aerten Art - She’s donating a painting. Seriously. Go look at her site and tell me you wouldn’t want a painting. Now. We’ll wait.
ImpNERD - 125×125 ad for a month — Let’s see, ImpNERD usually sells advertising for 256ec/day. You get this for a month. Um, yeah, you want this.
PoemsofQuotes - A cheesy poem about the winner’s topic — Win this and then ask them to rhyme something with, “Orange.” - A custom made 125×125 card. Some of you need this. You know who you are.
Diet Pulpit - One week ad spot right below the banner and a personal greeting from Lady Rose saying, “Congratulations!”
JunkieYard Dot Com - Three blogroll links. Okay, the thing is, you can’t just get these. They’re prizes only won here.
The Hypnotist - A Hypnotic Audio - I don’t think this will simply be trance music. I could be wrong.

How to join?

There are only two ways to join. First, Write about the contest and mention one prize that you want to win (1 Entry). And the second one is, write about the contest and mention the prize you want to win and copy all the sponsors (2 Entry). You have to leave a comment on the post about the contest to be able to count your entries.

The contest will end on July 19, 2008 that is exactly 14 days after the time the contest post.

Good Luck!..

Here's my entry.
I wanted to have a cheesy poem from PoemsofQuotes. I think having a poem about my blog is cool and that is very different to the other prizes.

Join Pinay Mommy's Birthday Contest

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Pinay Mommy will be celebrating her birthday soon. That's why she is holding a contest entitles Pinay Mommy's Birthday bash.

The contest work very similar to the other blogging contests nowadays.

There are two major requirements in joining this contest first is to blog about Pinay Mommy's birthday in blogosphere with at least 100 words which includes the link of the contest and also the link of the homepage. And the second one is to add the links of the sponsor of the contest at the bottom of each of your post which includes their giveaways.

Other entries are:

  • Subscribe to Pinay Mommy's RSS feed via email.
  • Stumble the blog's homapage and not the blog post about the contest.
  • Fave the blog in technorati
  • Sending a birthday card to Pinay Mommy.

The prizes are:
First Prize - $50 cash + 3000 EC credits
Second Prize - $10 cash + 2000 EC credits
Third Prize - $5 cash + 1000 EC credits
20 Consolation prizes of 200 EC credits

The contest will end on July 20, 2008 and the winners will be announced on July 25, 2008.

** Only one contest post per blogger
** One subscription, stumble and fave per blogger
** The cash will deposited directly to your paypal account

Visit Pinay Mommy's Blog for more information

Pinay Mommy's Birthday Bash Sponsors.

EC Feed Me Giveaways from Aeirin's Collections

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Aeirin's Collections Contest

Aeirin's Collection is giving away almost 5000 EC on its third month on the blogging world. The contest is entitles Aeirin's Collections EC Feed Me Giveaways.

Joining the contest is very easy. Just follow the instructions and you will earn points.

  • Subscribe to Aeirin's Collections RSS Feed via Email.
  • Comment on the post about the contest.

You can also gain Bonus entries by:

Don't forget to comment on the post about the contest to be able to enter the contest and include the ff:

1. All methods that you have entered.
2. How many entries you have occured which includes your permalink, Stumbleupon username, technorati's fave link, email address you used to subscribe, you blog's name and link.
3. EC User details
4. And also post how the owner of Aeirin's Collections can contact you if you win.

The contest will end on August 3, 2008.


1st Prize: 1 winner of 3,000 EC
2nd Prize: 1 winner of 2,000 EC
3rd Prize: 1 winner of 1,000 EC
Every week: 3 winners of 300 EC

Week 1 Draw: July 6, 2008
Week 2 Draw: July 13, 2008
Week 3 Draw: July 20, 2008
Week 4 Draw: July 27, 2008
Grand Draw: August 3, 2008

For more information visit Aeirin's Collections.


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virus on a website

Webmasters BEWARE!

I just read from a post of Vladimir of Vladimir Prelovac Online that his website are infected with virus.

According to him the said virus is a calling a script on site. Is this a new way of blackhat technique where a certain person or site will offer some plug-ins or services not knowing that the codes that you will add to your website is a generated codes that can drive traffic to their site or maybe revenues to their site?

Webmasters should start checking their files on their server for them to know if they are infected just like what Vladimir do.

More information about the said virus on Vladimir Prelovac Online.

I joined myLot

7/01/2008 03:10:00 PM | with 1 comments »

myLot User Profile

I just joined is a online community with lots of members from all over the world.

How Newsletter help with SEO?

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How Newsletter help with SEO?

My Boss told me to write a newsletter for our company site. And he asks me how newsletter helps with SEO?

First we must define what Newsletter is.

Newsletter is an article that is regularly updated and distributed about a topic that is related to your site. Newsletters are delivered electronically via e-mail to the subscribers daily or every time there is an update.

Newsletter can also provide information about the company for the interest of the readers. It can be sold or distributed free to the subscribers.

Writing a newsletter can help with SEO by bringing more traffic to a site. But, this is not that easy. You must come up with the best article with unique contents and can make your readers interested to your main site or product.

You should consider who will be reading your article. A new and informative newsletter should be the main feature of a newsletter. Those newsletters without content and more of advertisement is not good. It can also be a simple instruction or guides, tips and also factual and informative pieces.

You should write an article regularly either weekly or daily and you should send those articles to free article directories and also free press releases for your article to become popular. A newsletter does not require being so long but, it should be precise and informative.

Writing a newsletter can make a site more popular and this is one of the best internet marketing tools. Your client/subscribers love reading different article about your site and also your success. Right now, there are many sites or people who are willing to write for a certain website no matter what niche you site is in a very affordable prize.

Junkieyard Dot Com's Internationational Contest

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More than 25,000ec and prizes worth more than $500 to be won on Junkieyard Dot Com's International Contest.

A contest that open for all no matter what country you are and what language you speak. You are all invited to join this very big contest.

How to join? There are seven options to join.

Option 1: Blog about the contest. Make sure to include all the prizes and the sponsors link and of course the link to the contest. Because its international contest you can write a post about this blog in different languages as long as you will add the links on it. (30 tickets)

Option 2: Add the cute penguin banner on your sidebar. You can see the cute little penguin on the sidebar of my blog. (10 tickets)

Option 3: fave the Junkieyard Dot Com blog on Technorati (5 tickets)

Option 4: Subscribe to the post feed (5 tickets)

Option 5: Subscribe to the comments feed (5 tickets)

Option 6: Subscribe via Email (5 tickets)

Option 7: Bookmark the contest post. Choose in the bookmarking icons in the Junkieyard Dot Com's blog

Bonus: If you are one of the Top 10 entrecard droppers listed at the end of the month you can earn an additional 5 tickets.

To be able to qualify to the contest leave a comment to the contest post and indicate which options you choose.

After giving you the different option you can choose from on how you can join this very BIG contest here are now the prizes that the winners will take home.

First prize winner with 50+ tickets
1 banner ads (125×125) for a month worth $25 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 banner ads (125×125) for a month from Travels in the 10/40 Window ( Details )
1 banner ads (125×125) for a week from Ragnarok Guide ( Details )
1 banner ads (150×150) for a month worth $15 from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1 banner ads (100×100) for 2 months from Learn To $arn ( Details )
1 permanent blogroll link from Learn To $arn ( Details )
1 blogroll link for a month from Freebie Reporter ( Details )
1 Peel Away Ads package worth $8 from Page Peel Ads ( Details )
1 month of free Hosting Packages Plan P50 from PipeB Hosting ( Details )
A free review worth $30 from Crunch Now Dot com ( Details )
1 ebook Worth a $100 from Crunch Now Dot com ( Details )
5,000ec from Unconventional Marketing Blog ( Details )

Second prize winner with 45+ tickets
1 banner ads (125×125) for a month worth $25 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 banner ads (125×125) for a month from Better Interpersonal Communication ( Details )
1 banner ads (150×150) for a month worth $15 from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1 blogroll link for a month from Freebie Reporter ( Details )
1 Peel Away Ads package worth $8 from Page Peel Ads ( Details )
1 month of free Hosting Packages Plan P30 from PipeB Hosting ( Details )
A free review worth $5 from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1 ebook worth $10 from KushMoney ( Details )
5,000ec from KushMoney ( Details )

Third prize winner with 40+ tickets
1 banner ads (125×125) for a month worth $25 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 banner ads (500×80) for a month worth $10 from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1 blogroll link for a month from Freebie Reporter ( Details )
1 Peel Away Ads package worth $8 from Page Peel Ads ( Details )
1 month of free Hosting Packages Plan P10 from PipeB Hosting ( Details )
A review from Learn To $arn ( Details )
1,500ec from Freebie Reporter ( Details )
1,200ec from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1,000ec from Famous Quotes ( Details )
1,000ec from Twins Happiness ( Details )
200ec from nugie’s personal blog ( Details )
100ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Fourth prize winner with 35+ tickets
1 banner ads (125×125) for a month worth $25 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 blogroll link for 2 month worth $5 per month from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1,200ec from Learn To $arn ( Details )
1,000ec from There is Happiness ( Details )
500ec from Cleveland Ohio Real Estate ( Details )
500ec from My Travel Blog ( Details )
500ec from That Blog 4 Me ( Details )
500ec from Travels in the 10/40 Window ( Details )
500ec from Fantasy Baseball ( Details )
200ec from The Path to the Pegasus Letter ( Details )
100ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Fifth prize winner with 30+ tickets
1 blogroll link for a month worth $15 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 blogroll link for 2 month worth $5 per month from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1,500ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Sixth prize with 25+ tickets
1 blogroll link for a month worth $15 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 blogroll link for 2 month worth $5 per month from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1,200ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Seventh prize winner with 20+ tickets
1 blogroll link for a month worth $15 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 blogroll link for 2 month worth $5 per month from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
1,000ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Eight prize winner with 15+ tickets
1 blogroll link for a month worth $15 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
1 blogroll link for 2 month worth $5 per month from Tips Of eBay Exchange Programs ( Details )
800ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Ninth prize winner with 10+ tickets
1 blogroll link for a month worth $15 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
500ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Tenth prize winner with 5+ tickets
1 blogroll link for a month worth $15 from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )
300ec from JunkieYard Dot Com ( Details )

Well, who will not love to join this kind of contest with lots of prizes.

Oops I forgot to mention that this contest will end on July 30, 2008.

Adsense Will Remove Referrals

6/30/2008 05:14:00 PM | with 1 comments »

Google Referrals
Adsense are looking for a better ways to improve Adsense by developing and supporting other features that will drive the best monetization for the publishers.

They will remove adsense referrals programs in the last week of August. So make sure to remove all your referrals before the end of August and also run and save all referrals report on your desktop for the continues access to your valuables.

But, Adsense users don't have to worry Adsense team are working on some alternative option to consider. One of it is by Google Affiliate Network and also Adsense for Content ads.

For more information visit Inside Adsense Team.

Who Will Be The Next BLOGGING IDOL

6/30/2008 02:31:00 PM | with 0 comments »

Blogging Idol Contest
Another month will start so, another set of contestant is up for the next Blogging Idol.

OBJECTIVE: To give new bloggers an opportunity to compete with others and to prove their ability on blogging and online marketing. At the same time, it should also allow everyone to see what techniques and strategies will work, the ones that will not, with real examples behind everything.

Daily Blog Tips is the one who's behind this monthly contest. They are giving away lots of prizes. This contest is a competition between bloggers. The one who will going to have 1000 RSS Subscriber within a month wins. Daily Blog Tips will track the initial and final numbers of RSS subscribers of each blog via Feedburner. The blog who has the largest number of subscribers won the pot money and will be declared as the Blogging Idol.

Rules for the Competition

1. All participants must activate the Feedburner feed count at the beginning of the competition.
2. Participants will need to send a short email weekly (100-200 words), describing their strategies to gain RSS subscribes, and what they are doing on their blogs.
3. I will group all those emails and publish them on a single post every week, so that readers can follow and understand how participants are competing.
4. Blackhat methods will not be allowed, so you can’t fake stats, try to damage the blog of competitors and so on.
5. Paid promotion will not be allowed, else it would become a “who can spend more” contest.
6. If you have a blog with over 1000 RSS subscribers and will create a brand new one for the competition, you can’t use your established blog to promote the new one
7. All other strategies and techniques are allowed (guest articles, contests, give-aways, controversial articles, free eBooks), so you are free to get creative

Visit Daily Blog Tips for other information and for updates.

I just won in a Blogging Contest..

6/30/2008 08:10:00 AM | with 1 comments »

Wow!.. I just won in a blogging contest. Hehe.

I think I am too late to announce this because the winners of The Best Blogging Contest are announced last June 27, 2008. Well, I don't have work at that day so I have no opportunity to announce it on the exact day.

I posted a blogging contest June 26, 2008 which is entitles Another Blogging Contest: The Best Blogging Advice from Zhu of Correr Es MI Destino.

I won the first prize World category. What are my prizes?

The other winners are Johnada the first prize winner from Canada, second prize winner is Kyh and the third prize winner is Durano Lawayan.

Congratulations to all of us and thank you so much to Zhu for having a great contest like this. I am hoping for more contest soon Zhu! :)

I started to join some money making site

6/27/2008 02:50:00 PM | , with 0 comments »

I started to join different money making site this past few days and I have notice that post of those money making site are requiring every member to have a paypal account. But, I don't have a paypal account!..

Funny right?!. I wanted to earn some $$$ so I register to paypal but, I haven't finish my account yet because I doesn't have credit card or a mastercard and now I think I really need to apply one. I need to decide whether I apply for a credit card or a master card. What do you think? which is more convenient?

I am not a newbie when it comes to blogging but, I know I really need to learn more specially when it comes to networking if I really want to earn more money from other site aside from adsense. I think on that way I can easily earn money for me to be able to avail my own domain.

Ok,here are the list of money making site that I joined.

Text link Ads
Savvy Click

I know there are lots of money making site all over the web. If there are other site that you can recommend just leave a comment in this post.

thank you so much for those who are willing to help me on this.

Another Blogging Contest: The Best Blogging Advice

6/26/2008 11:51:00 AM | with 1 comments »

I think this is one of a very different contest I have ever joined. Why? because this contest is just for three days unlike other contest that last for a month or a week. This contest will run from June 24 to June 27 and the winner will be announced on the 27th of June.

Zhu is inviting everyone of us to join her contest entitles "Your Best Blogging Advice". Because her blog is getting bigger and bigger she feels like giving away some prices that's why she started this contest.

It is so easy to join just answer this question and you will earn 30 points.

What is your best blogging advice?

You can also earn additional points just by stumbling the post about the contest (10 points), blogging about the contest just like this (25 points) and also subscribing to Correr Es MI Destino's Feed (15 points).

And here are the prizes to be won:
First prize (Canada)

First Prize (World)

note:*These Itunes must be downloaded before July 1st and you have to have a Canadian account or be in Canada.

Second Prize:
  • One short blog review on the day the winners will be announced
  • A link to Correr Es MI Destino blogroll
  • A link to your blog and a screenshot in Zhu's "the world" section

Third Prize
  • A link to Correr Es MI Destino blogroll
  • A link to your blog and a screenshot in Zhu's "the world" section

Good luck to all of us!..

Are You a Brainiac?

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I am searching around the net and checking some good site for some review from a blogging forum when I saw this site. The Blogthings, it is a site with lots of different quizzes on it.

I tried it and answer a question Are you a Brainiac? and that's what I got!..

You're a Part Time Brainiac

No doubt about it, you have the potential for big brain power.

But potential doesn't get you to genius. It's going to take some work.

Like most smart people, you enjoy a good intellectual challenge every now and then.

But you do tend to shy away from anything difficult, frustrating, or complex.

Push yourself to think, learn, and explore more... even when it feels bad.

You have the capacity to solve amazingly difficult problems. You just need to let yourself do it.

Try it, there are lots of fun quizzes there you will surely enjoy!..

Google Adsense Site Maintenance on June 21..

6/20/2008 05:08:00 PM | with 1 comments »

Inside adsense team announced that they will be having Site maintenance on June 21, 2008 from 10am to 3pm.

For 5 hours, we will not be able to access our adsense account but, don't worry according to the team ad serving and ad targeting will not be affected.

Here are the starting time for the maintenance for some of the countries around the world.

London - 6 pm Saturday
Pretoria - 7 pm Saturday
Mumbai - 10:30 pm Saturday
Kuala Lumpur - 1 am Sunday
Brisbane - 3 am Sunday

from: Inside Adsense team

Another Site Maintenance for

6/20/2008 01:43:00 PM | with 1 comments »

Blogger Status announced that there's another outage today at 3:00pm PDT for about 10 minutes..

I think blogger is fixing some problems in their site because there's always an outage this past few days. Well, we have to be patient.

Firefox 3 Certificate

6/19/2008 08:56:00 AM | with 1 comments »

Mozilla is giving its free certificate with your name when you download the latest Firefox 3.

I just got my certificate yesterday. You can also have your own certificate here.

Firefox 3 download has crossed millions of downloads last June 17, 2008. Eventhough Guiness World Records does not confirmed it yet but the mozilla Corps are celebrating because they break the record for the "Most Downloaded Software in 24 hours". According to the corps firefox 3 browser has a million downloads for just 4 hours.

You can see the counter in their official site.

What do you think of

6/18/2008 02:46:00 PM | with 2 comments »
What do you guys think of can it really help a site to boost traffic?

Stumpedia is a human powered search engine for keyword driven searches.

Users of need to sign up to submit their site to this human-powered search engine to be added to their database. Because it is human powered SE the search engine will list down the site which are listed to their database.

Unlike the Big G, will sort the site based on the votes that the site received. Meaning if the popularity of the site in Google was based on the backlinks and the traffic in Stumpedia the popularity is based on votes.

Aside from that, don't have those what you called 'bots' or 'algorithm'. The traffic of a site depends on how many visitors voted to your site. It is like digg or propeller in which a site need some votes for it to become popular.

For other information about Stumpedia you can refer to their Help Forum.

Win an iPod, Flip Mino, $200 Gift Card or a USB Pen at's Contest

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Jay of just started a contest with the help of Market Leverage.

Well, I really loved to have one of those prizes specially the Flip Mino and maybe the USB Pen. Those stuff really looks cool for me.

Joining the Market Leverage sponsored contest at is so easy. There are three ways to join:

1. Write a post about the contest on your blog just like this answering any of the following topics: a. Who has been your role model growing up? b. If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? or c. If there was no internet, what would you be spending your time doing? = 10 entries

I will choose the first question. Because I think that's the easiest. Hehe

Who has been your role model growing up? Well, I used to admire my parents specially my mom. We already faced different trials while growing up and I know we still have lots of trials to face as time passes by. But, I know we can passed through all those trials specially if we are together. Just like what others always said. THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER. My Mom and Dad are really the best!!..

If you are going to write about the contest on your blog, just make sure to include the following links anywhere within the post: The contest post - Market Leverage Sponsored Contest: Win a iPod, Flip Mino, $200 Gift Card or USB Pen, and

2. Comment on the post about the contest at answering several questions. = 2 entries

3. Vote the contest post on any social bookmarking site except digg = 1 entry

Start joining the contest for you to wIn the following COOL PRIZES:

iPod nano
$200 ML Rewards Gift Card
Flip Mino

This contest will end at 11:59pm on Thursday, July 3rd.

ROCKFUSE Blog Contest

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Rockfuse is currently having its blogging contest. Lucky contestants can win as much as much as $1600 for just 10 seconds.

Prizes are from the different sponsors of the said contest. Prizes includes the following:

1000 E-book entitles "Seven Ways to Live a Better Life" by worth ($1 each)

2 winners of a one-hour blog consultation ($50 each) with Jason Pereira of The University Kid

A traffic plan for 6 months at $120 value and also $20 cash via paypal from

4 E-book "Work Smart-Get Rich" ($15 each) and blog consultation for 2 bloggers for 30min ($30 each) from

$100 cash through paypal from Netline RevResponse

6 months 125x125 banner ($100) by Freshy SEO

Ad packages ($60) from ReelSuave

$50 worth of blog review by Bloggeries

$20 Ad package and a $20 blog review from TechSuave

One 125x125 banner ad ($25) with Blogroll Link ($15) and 1000 EC by Junkie Yard dot com

$8 peel-away ad package from Making Myself Extra Money

125x125 or 468x60 banner ($3) and 500 EC Credit from Time for a Smile

3000 Entrecard Credits form Twins Happiness

2000 Entrecard Credits form John is Fit

1500 Entrecard Credits form Freebie Reporter

1000 Entrecard Credits form Singaporean in London

1000 Entrecard Credits form That Blog for Me

500 Entrecard Credits form My Travel Blog

All in all prizes is over $1600, excluding the 10500 EC Credits. That is really a lot of prizes. So bloggers, what are you waiting for continue reading my post to be able to enter the contest.

Here's the instruction on how you can enter the contest.

1. Subscribe to ROCKFUSE via e-mail = 14 tickets

2. Stumbled the ROCKFUSE post about the contest= 5 tickets

3. Favorite it on Technorati = 7 tickets

4. Follow nadzmv the owner of Rockfuse on Twitter = 8 tickets

5. Subscribe to the blogs of the contest sponsors. See the Rockfuse Contest Blog Post for more information about this = 1 ticket

6. Post a blog about the contest on your blog just like this = 27 tickets

7. Display 125x125 banner on the sidebar/header of your blog = 22 tickets

Visit Rockfuse for more information about the contest.


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Link Page..

Blogs rating

Adsense Site Maintenance Today June 7 at 10am at PDT

6/06/2008 05:57:00 PM | with 0 comments »

According to Adsense Publisher Support the engineers of adsense will be performing site maintenance today June 7, 2008 at 10 am to 2 pm.

So I think the site will be down for 4 hours and we will not be able to open our adsense account at the given time.

The said maintenance is because of the comments that ads are not appearing on some sites. According to them the said maintenance will not affect the targeting or delivery of ads.

For more information and questions visit the Adsense Help Center.


6/04/2008 11:07:00 PM | with 3 comments »

José Carlos dos Reis Meirelles Jr. a Brazilian uncontacted tribes expert is one of the experts who discovered the tribes in the rainforest of Envira along Brazilian-Peruvian frontier.

Here are some pictures of the uncontacted tribes from dailymail.

As you can see, those pictures are taken from a plane where Mereilles was shot in his shoulder by an arrow from one of the tribe member.

Their body are painted with red and black color and their houses are built like a tent.

According to the anthropologist when they first saw the area they saw woman and children but they are not painted. When they come back after a few hours they saw those individuals covered with red paint from head to toe.

Miriam Ross of Survival International said those tribes in the Amazon used to paint themselves with different reasons and one of the reason is when they feel threatened. And maybe they painted themselves because they feel threatened when they saw the plane flying around their territory.

Ms. Ross also added that those pictures are evidence that uncontacted tribes really do exist.

And I think, those uncontacted tribes can be one of the reason for us to protect the forest. Because, the forest is their home, their source of food and also their survival.

6/02/2008 08:23:00 PM with 0 comments »

Technorati Profile

I receive my first Adsense Payment..

5/29/2008 09:05:00 PM | with 0 comments »

As what I have told you last Monday, my $100 is on its way and yesterday I got it.

I get my adsense payment through Western Union and I am so happy. That payment is my very first payment from adsense. It is not that big but I am still so happy.

To be exact, I get $102.70 and with an equivalent rate of 43.66 in peso. That means, I get 4,483.88 pesos. Not bad right? For a beginner earning a dollar is really a big thing. To think that the rate of dollars here in our country becomes higher as day passes by.

Well, I am already working on my blogs for me to be able to reach another $100. Hope I can make it again and maybe a little higher.. :)


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SEO Talk Forums Logo

SEO Talk Forums
is a great community where you can refine your online skills, share your ideas with a receptive audience and enjoy friendly chat in a relaxed way.

SEO Talk Forums (STF), brought to you by the same people behind the popular WebtalkForums (WTF). STF has just opened for business and starting to lookout for new members to contribute to their rapidly growing community.

STF aim is to make your membership of their community a positive experience by making everyone feel welcome and taking note of member feedback. You'll not find any of the petty and restrictive rules and infractions that typify some of the larger webmaster forums.

In STF, the more you post the more you're rewarded, with increasing signature rights and member privileges as you become a more established part of the community.

Come and give it a try and if there's something you don't like or you think they could do better then just let them know. STF promises to give every member's comments due consideration and will implement any suggestion that makes our community a friendlier and more efficient place.

If you'd like to try a friendlier webmaster forum then head across to SEO Talk Forums.

Adsense Account Need To Be Updated..

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adsense logoI think adsense users should be very much aware about this. Specially those users who uses their own domain in managing their Google accounts.

According to Google Adsense Blog, Google accounts need to be updated because if you did not do so, you will not be able to access your Google account soon.

Google accounts are requiring everyone to update their accounts from '' to ''

Visit Google adsense blog for more information.

My $100 is on its way!..

5/26/2008 04:31:00 PM | with 0 comments »

$100 dollarsWhow!.. after waiting for several months I will finally receive my payment.

Why for several months? well, I am having a second thought before if I am going to add adsense on my blog. To think that on my previous work lots of my co-workers are already getting paid off just by blogging and they are earning lots of hundreds.

After thinking several times, I added adsense on my blog I think two months ago. You can say that, it really takes time before I earned a hundred dollars unlike other bloggers. Maybe, I just don't want my site to be penalize because of adding lots of ads on it. And also I don't like the look of a blog with lots of adsense so i try to make it neat and finally I added adsense on my two blogs perfectly (i think!).

It also takes time before I earned a hundred because I stopped blogging for a month. Why? because I don't have my own PC at home so the time that I can blog is when I am in front of my desk on my work. But unfortunately, the company where I worked was having a hard time talking to their client so they decided to put as on leave and never contact us again. So, that's the main reason why I stopped blogging.

Now, I am starting all over again. I did not able to update my blogs for almost two months, good thing there are still visitors who still visiting my blogs. But now, I am going to update my blog maybe twice a week for me to be able to get my visitors back.

Joining Forums Does It Help?

3/17/2008 02:03:00 PM | with 0 comments »

Have you tried to join lots of forums? Does those forums helps your site to gain more traffic? As an SEO, does it help you learn more things about the field that you choose?

Well, I am a SEO and joining forums really help me a lot, specially if I want to learn something.

There are lots of forums out there that will really help a SEO to learn different things. Aside from buying different books and searching from the net. You can also ask different web masters who are on the forums. They will surely answer you back that will make you improve on what you are doing. You can also ask them for some other tools that can help your site and even you as a SEO.

Some popular forums that I know are Digital Point, Google community, V7 Network, SEO chat, and many more. You can also join blogging forums if you want to promote your site or if you also want to ask something. Bloggeries, Blogger Forums, Blogger Talk, Authority Blogger are some of the popular blogging forums.

Through those forums your site can gain traffic. Usually, SEO and bloggers leave their links on their signature. Because of that links it will be crawled by Google and count as your back links. You can also ask those web masters if they can check your site and that's for traffic.

Those that I mentioned are some of the benefits that you will get if you join forums. But, as a forum member you should be aware that there are lots of spammers out there who will going to spam your site. Some spammers will send you a private message or sometimes they will leave some comments on your blog. If you suspect about someone who is spamming your site you can immediately report it to the moderators of the forums where you are a member. As a moderators they will check if your suspect is true and they will warn or worst they will banned the said member who is a "spammer".

I am already a member of some popular SEO and blogging forums out there and I can say that I am learning. Every time I logged in on those forums I learn something different. And sometimes I even help other members. As an SEO, I think helping other newbies are very much full filing. Seeing them improving and learning just like you.

As of now, joining those forums is really a big help. Not only to my blogs but also to my job as a SEO. They easily answers my question every time I can't understand something. Even though, there are some criticism but through that criticism I am improving. Those bad words can make me stronger and strive harder. And I think, I don't wanna quit.

Images to traffic

3/12/2008 02:21:00 PM | with 0 comments »

Do you have some images on your blog? If you do, do you know that it can be used as a source of traffic?.

We added images on our blog to make it more appealing and sometimes to make your post look more lively. And sometimes we only uses images and there's no other text on it.

In uploading different images you can used different image hosting site such as ImageShack, photobucket, flicker and even google page creator. By using those image hosting site you have a little chance to lose those images. Because sometimes if you just copy and paste the exact URL of the image there are possibility that the images will lose on the SERP.

If you already do some uploading on the image hosting site of your choice make sure that you use good keyword names for your images. For example you have an image of a baby crying you can save that images with the name baby_crying.jpeg. In that way when a google will easily think that your site is a baby crying. Think of names that will be easily crawled by google you have to be creative in giving your images a names.

After naming and embedding your images on your site used the attribute "alt". As you notice on the other website when you hover your mouse on the images there are text that shows up. It means that, the site owner uses Alt tag in their images.

Here's an example:

The alt="Batman Begins' sequel the dark knight" is the alt attribute of the image darkknightkp8.jpg. Just make sure that your alt tag is descriptive and not too long.

In putting images on your site make sure its not that big. Because the bigger the images the longer it takes to load your site. You can use width and height attributes on that way, the look of your images on your site maybe smaller but when the viewer click it, it will display a bigger resolution. And also try to look for an images with a smaller file size this is also for the quicker loading time of your site.

Some bloggers uses CSS tricks for their images they uses div tags for their images. Through div tags you can put your images on the left side of your post or on the right and you can even add some border on it.

Through those ways that I mentioned, your images will soon be a big help to improve the traffic of your site and your site can be more visible on SERP.

Link Building

3/12/2008 02:12:00 PM | with 0 comments »

What is link building? How does link building helps a site?

On my own definition, link building is a strategy where a SEO or blogger will look for different sites that are related to their site. They will collect those site and ask the owner if they are allowing link exchange.

Link building is the practice of obtaining links from other wen sites to your sites. There are some website who will allow a webmaster to link to their website for free and there are some that you will need to pay. It was said to be that paying for a reciprocal link are more effective.

Google are giving more importance to those site who has lots of relevant links. The more links your site have the more popular it is. One way that you can do for your site to be popular is link building. I know it is so difficult but if you really want your site to rank you will do everything that you can.

Through this article, you will find some information and ways on how to build links for your site.

I'll start with directory submission. There are lots of directories available on the web just make sure that you will put your listings on the right category. Directories are sometimes free and don't ask for reciprocals. And some are paid ones. Those free directories allows you to add your site but that will take time before they will approve it. You can also look for a link partner. Those webmasters who has sites with the same niche as your site. You can email them and ask them politely for link exchange.

If someone is asking for a link exchange before saying "yes" make sure to check their site first. You can do that by checking if that particular site was already crawled by Google by "" where domainname is the URL of the site. You can also use some link checker that is available on the web like Link Popularity Check.

Article Submission can also help in link building. You can easily write your own article and just add your link to it. Then after writing your own article you can easily submit that article to different free article submission. Just follow their guidelines for your article to be approved.

Another way to build link is by social bookmarking. There are lots of people who is into it. Technorati, StumbleUpon, Digg and are some of the popular social bookmarking site.

And last but not the least is commenting to other sites. You can easily look for different site with interesting niche. You can leave your link on the site that you choose just by commenting on it.

Those are some ways of link building that can make your site rank on Search Engines. But, looking for backlinks is not the only way for your site to rank on Search Engine and to gain page rank (PR). You also need to update your site more often the more fresh content your site has the more readers that will visit your site.

Boosting traffic, How to do it?

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As a blogger, you want your blog to gain more traffic. The more traffic your blog have it means that your blog is so popular and usually the more traffic you have the more money will come to you.

Through this article you will learn how to boost traffic to your blog. I am hoping that it will help lots of bloggers out there.

Some bloggers think that setting up their blogs and adding some post can get them lots of visitors and even regular visitors. But, as a blogger if you are only doing those kind of stuff your site will not gain that lots of traffic. You are forgetting your SEO work. The On Page Optimization.

On-Page Optimization includes the content and structure of your blog. Thinking the best name is one of the factor and also the usability of your blog. A blog that don't have that good style is sometimes boring. Choosing the right template for your site that are good to the eyes of the reader and can be easily navigate is one of the best way to optimize your site to boost traffic. Most of the webmasters suggested that an about page should be included to a blog for the readers to know who runs the blog and for them to be able to contact the owners if ever they have some questions or suggestions.

Next is the content, your site should have unique contents. You should create a blog with the niche that you really like or you specialize. In that way, you can easily right articles or contents for your blog. If you have the most relevant and informative content lots of visitors will come and your traffic will boost up.

Social bookmarking can also help to boost traffic to your site. Some examples of which are Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon and many more. Those three that I mentioned are some of the most popular social bookmarking sites with a large ranking.

Feedburner or the RSS is also one of the source of traffic. It is where you can automatically saves your updates and where the user subscribe for the latest updates of your blog. Through the feedburner, visitors will come back to your site to read your latest article or post.

Those are some of the ways of boosting traffic of your blog. If you do it correctly then, I am sure that you will easily gain lots of visitors and even make them come back and read more of your post.

Blogging How to do it..

3/12/2008 12:22:00 PM | with 0 comments »

We usually create blogs for fun, to earn money and sometimes to promote other sites. But, do you really know how to blog? How to do it right for your blog to rank good on the Search Engines?

On this article, I will state some tips and tricks on how to create a blog that will surely rank in SEs in a longer period of time. Those tips that I usually read from SEO forums that most web masters said.

I know blogging is a very exciting thing to do on the net. To think that you earn from blogging and get to know different people from different part of the world.

The first thing that we bloggers need to know on how to do right in blogging is what's your blog all about? What are you going to post on your blogs that can make readers be interested to read more. After spending several hours on thinking on the right niche for your blog you must think of the best title for your blog. You can make some list of titles you want and sometimes bloggers uses some tools for them to have different lists of titles for their site. Then, you also need to choose the right platform that you think you can easily manage. Blogger and Wordpress are some of the most popular platforms with lots of free templates available on the web.

Next, after choosing the right title for your blog you will start writing articles to be posted on your blog. Reading other blogs with same niche as yours can makes you more inspired and for more ideas. But, make sure not to copy other peoples articles. Your articles should be interesting and informative for the readers to continue reading it.

Many bloggers want there site to be visible on most of the search engines. If you also want to do that create an article that is keyword rich. You can include keywords on your title and also on your post but make sure the title will not be longer than 10-12 words.

Posting more often can makes your readers become more interested to your site because they learn different things everyday. Make sure to allow comments on your blog for you to be able to know the feedback of your readers.

You can also do some link exchange to make your site more popular. There are directories that offer free submission and also some social bookmarking. If you have a little budget for your site and submit your site to a paid directories make sure not to lose that directory all a sudden because that may cause your site to drop its ranking.

Other than that, if your site started to climb up and more and more visitors are visiting your site. You should avoid changing your website specially re-designing it. Because it has a big effect on the rankings of your blog. Nowadays, google has a filter for those site that changes more often. If you change your site, your site will be temporarily filtered by google.

You should also avoid spamming, the use of cloaking, hidden text and doorway pages are some of the spam techniques that can makes your site be penalized. And also make sure your server is up and running smoothly.

Those are some tips and tricks that you should do in Blogging. There are so many things that you need to learn if you really want to have a website that rank good in different Search Engines such as MSN, Yahoo and most specially Google.

Now that you know how to blog and how to do it right you can now start blogging.


3/12/2008 11:36:00 AM with 0 comments »

Welcome Dear Readers..

I know lots of you will agree that Blogging is really fun!. Through Blogging you can share your ideas and you can even earn money.

I am blogging for almost six months and as of now I already created 2 blogs. I can say that I am doing good when it comes to blogging.

Blogging is one of the IN thing nowadays when it comes to networking. I am not an expert but, I'll be glad to share every little details that I learned for the span of six months.

Blogging Plus can be a guide for those person who are new to the Blogging World.

Hope you'll enjoy browsing my site and I am also hoping that you will learn something.

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