Who Will Be The Next BLOGGING IDOL

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Blogging Idol Contest
Another month will start so, another set of contestant is up for the next Blogging Idol.

OBJECTIVE: To give new bloggers an opportunity to compete with others and to prove their ability on blogging and online marketing. At the same time, it should also allow everyone to see what techniques and strategies will work, the ones that will not, with real examples behind everything.

Daily Blog Tips is the one who's behind this monthly contest. They are giving away lots of prizes. This contest is a competition between bloggers. The one who will going to have 1000 RSS Subscriber within a month wins. Daily Blog Tips will track the initial and final numbers of RSS subscribers of each blog via Feedburner. The blog who has the largest number of subscribers won the pot money and will be declared as the Blogging Idol.

Rules for the Competition

1. All participants must activate the Feedburner feed count at the beginning of the competition.
2. Participants will need to send a short email weekly (100-200 words), describing their strategies to gain RSS subscribes, and what they are doing on their blogs.
3. I will group all those emails and publish them on a single post every week, so that readers can follow and understand how participants are competing.
4. Blackhat methods will not be allowed, so you can’t fake stats, try to damage the blog of competitors and so on.
5. Paid promotion will not be allowed, else it would become a “who can spend more” contest.
6. If you have a blog with over 1000 RSS subscribers and will create a brand new one for the competition, you can’t use your established blog to promote the new one
7. All other strategies and techniques are allowed (guest articles, contests, give-aways, controversial articles, free eBooks), so you are free to get creative

Visit Daily Blog Tips for other information and for updates.


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