I started to join some money making site

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I started to join different money making site this past few days and I have notice that post of those money making site are requiring every member to have a paypal account. But, I don't have a paypal account!..

Funny right?!. I wanted to earn some $$$ so I register to paypal but, I haven't finish my account yet because I doesn't have credit card or a mastercard and now I think I really need to apply one. I need to decide whether I apply for a credit card or a master card. What do you think? which is more convenient?

I am not a newbie when it comes to blogging but, I know I really need to learn more specially when it comes to networking if I really want to earn more money from other site aside from adsense. I think on that way I can easily earn money for me to be able to avail my own domain.

Ok,here are the list of money making site that I joined.

Text link Ads
Savvy Click

I know there are lots of money making site all over the web. If there are other site that you can recommend just leave a comment in this post.

thank you so much for those who are willing to help me on this.


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