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José Carlos dos Reis Meirelles Jr. a Brazilian uncontacted tribes expert is one of the experts who discovered the tribes in the rainforest of Envira along Brazilian-Peruvian frontier.

Here are some pictures of the uncontacted tribes from dailymail.

As you can see, those pictures are taken from a plane where Mereilles was shot in his shoulder by an arrow from one of the tribe member.

Their body are painted with red and black color and their houses are built like a tent.

According to the anthropologist when they first saw the area they saw woman and children but they are not painted. When they come back after a few hours they saw those individuals covered with red paint from head to toe.

Miriam Ross of Survival International said those tribes in the Amazon used to paint themselves with different reasons and one of the reason is when they feel threatened. And maybe they painted themselves because they feel threatened when they saw the plane flying around their territory.

Ms. Ross also added that those pictures are evidence that uncontacted tribes really do exist.

And I think, those uncontacted tribes can be one of the reason for us to protect the forest. Because, the forest is their home, their source of food and also their survival.


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