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Rockfuse is currently having its blogging contest. Lucky contestants can win as much as much as $1600 for just 10 seconds.

Prizes are from the different sponsors of the said contest. Prizes includes the following:

1000 E-book entitles "Seven Ways to Live a Better Life" by worth ($1 each)

2 winners of a one-hour blog consultation ($50 each) with Jason Pereira of The University Kid

A traffic plan for 6 months at $120 value and also $20 cash via paypal from

4 E-book "Work Smart-Get Rich" ($15 each) and blog consultation for 2 bloggers for 30min ($30 each) from

$100 cash through paypal from Netline RevResponse

6 months 125x125 banner ($100) by Freshy SEO

Ad packages ($60) from ReelSuave

$50 worth of blog review by Bloggeries

$20 Ad package and a $20 blog review from TechSuave

One 125x125 banner ad ($25) with Blogroll Link ($15) and 1000 EC by Junkie Yard dot com

$8 peel-away ad package from Making Myself Extra Money

125x125 or 468x60 banner ($3) and 500 EC Credit from Time for a Smile

3000 Entrecard Credits form Twins Happiness

2000 Entrecard Credits form John is Fit

1500 Entrecard Credits form Freebie Reporter

1000 Entrecard Credits form Singaporean in London

1000 Entrecard Credits form That Blog for Me

500 Entrecard Credits form My Travel Blog

All in all prizes is over $1600, excluding the 10500 EC Credits. That is really a lot of prizes. So bloggers, what are you waiting for continue reading my post to be able to enter the contest.

Here's the instruction on how you can enter the contest.

1. Subscribe to ROCKFUSE via e-mail = 14 tickets

2. Stumbled the ROCKFUSE post about the contest= 5 tickets

3. Favorite it on Technorati = 7 tickets

4. Follow nadzmv the owner of Rockfuse on Twitter = 8 tickets

5. Subscribe to the blogs of the contest sponsors. See the Rockfuse Contest Blog Post for more information about this = 1 ticket

6. Post a blog about the contest on your blog just like this = 27 tickets

7. Display 125x125 banner on the sidebar/header of your blog = 22 tickets

Visit Rockfuse for more information about the contest.


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