My $100 is on its way!..

5/26/2008 04:31:00 PM | with 0 comments »

$100 dollarsWhow!.. after waiting for several months I will finally receive my payment.

Why for several months? well, I am having a second thought before if I am going to add adsense on my blog. To think that on my previous work lots of my co-workers are already getting paid off just by blogging and they are earning lots of hundreds.

After thinking several times, I added adsense on my blog I think two months ago. You can say that, it really takes time before I earned a hundred dollars unlike other bloggers. Maybe, I just don't want my site to be penalize because of adding lots of ads on it. And also I don't like the look of a blog with lots of adsense so i try to make it neat and finally I added adsense on my two blogs perfectly (i think!).

It also takes time before I earned a hundred because I stopped blogging for a month. Why? because I don't have my own PC at home so the time that I can blog is when I am in front of my desk on my work. But unfortunately, the company where I worked was having a hard time talking to their client so they decided to put as on leave and never contact us again. So, that's the main reason why I stopped blogging.

Now, I am starting all over again. I did not able to update my blogs for almost two months, good thing there are still visitors who still visiting my blogs. But now, I am going to update my blog maybe twice a week for me to be able to get my visitors back.


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