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SEO Talk Forums
is a great community where you can refine your online skills, share your ideas with a receptive audience and enjoy friendly chat in a relaxed way.

SEO Talk Forums (STF), brought to you by the same people behind the popular WebtalkForums (WTF). STF has just opened for business and starting to lookout for new members to contribute to their rapidly growing community.

STF aim is to make your membership of their community a positive experience by making everyone feel welcome and taking note of member feedback. You'll not find any of the petty and restrictive rules and infractions that typify some of the larger webmaster forums.

In STF, the more you post the more you're rewarded, with increasing signature rights and member privileges as you become a more established part of the community.

Come and give it a try and if there's something you don't like or you think they could do better then just let them know. STF promises to give every member's comments due consideration and will implement any suggestion that makes our community a friendlier and more efficient place.

If you'd like to try a friendlier webmaster forum then head across to SEO Talk Forums.


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