Joining Forums Does It Help?

3/17/2008 02:03:00 PM | with 0 comments »

Have you tried to join lots of forums? Does those forums helps your site to gain more traffic? As an SEO, does it help you learn more things about the field that you choose?

Well, I am a SEO and joining forums really help me a lot, specially if I want to learn something.

There are lots of forums out there that will really help a SEO to learn different things. Aside from buying different books and searching from the net. You can also ask different web masters who are on the forums. They will surely answer you back that will make you improve on what you are doing. You can also ask them for some other tools that can help your site and even you as a SEO.

Some popular forums that I know are Digital Point, Google community, V7 Network, SEO chat, and many more. You can also join blogging forums if you want to promote your site or if you also want to ask something. Bloggeries, Blogger Forums, Blogger Talk, Authority Blogger are some of the popular blogging forums.

Through those forums your site can gain traffic. Usually, SEO and bloggers leave their links on their signature. Because of that links it will be crawled by Google and count as your back links. You can also ask those web masters if they can check your site and that's for traffic.

Those that I mentioned are some of the benefits that you will get if you join forums. But, as a forum member you should be aware that there are lots of spammers out there who will going to spam your site. Some spammers will send you a private message or sometimes they will leave some comments on your blog. If you suspect about someone who is spamming your site you can immediately report it to the moderators of the forums where you are a member. As a moderators they will check if your suspect is true and they will warn or worst they will banned the said member who is a "spammer".

I am already a member of some popular SEO and blogging forums out there and I can say that I am learning. Every time I logged in on those forums I learn something different. And sometimes I even help other members. As an SEO, I think helping other newbies are very much full filing. Seeing them improving and learning just like you.

As of now, joining those forums is really a big help. Not only to my blogs but also to my job as a SEO. They easily answers my question every time I can't understand something. Even though, there are some criticism but through that criticism I am improving. Those bad words can make me stronger and strive harder. And I think, I don't wanna quit.


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