Want to earn 18,000 EC Credits and $50 in Advertising? Join this contest

7/10/2008 09:36:00 AM | with 1 comments »

Do you want to earn 18,000 EC Credits and over $50 in Advertising?

If your answer is YES, all you have to do is join this contest by The Germz.

After creating Entrecard Credit Generator that really helps me to generate 300+ credit in just five minutes. This is another big thing that The Germz created. Because The Germz just celebrate his birthday last June 4, 2008. On that day, he decided to hold a contest.

Since my birthday is today, (July 4th) I’m holding a contest where you can win over 18500 Entrecard Credits and over $50 dollars in prizes. The best part of the contest is that it’s very easy to win as only one person will get the prizes to get them a boost in their blog traffic, with over 18,000 Entrecard credits you can get more traffic in a day than most bloggers get in a month.

Here are the list of prizes.

Novice Affiliate- 2500 Entrecard Credits.
Earn Blogger- 2000 Entrecard Credits.
Article Specialist- 2000 Entrecard Credits.
Blog Marketing and SEO Training- 1500 Entrecard Credits.
TheGermz.com-1500 Entrecard Credits.
Entreblast- 1000 Entrecard Credits.
Marc Dionisio- 1000 Entrecard Credits.
The Capitalist Guide- 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.
1 Million in 365 Days- 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.
Rumbling Lankan 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.
ulupongdotcom- 1000 Entrecard Credits.
Michael Aulia- 750 Entrecard Credits.
TheUniversitykid.com- 500 Entrecard Credits.
Video Blogging Tips- 500 Entrecard Credits.
Advertising for Success-500 Entrecard Credits.
Income Alternatives- 250 Entrecard Credits.
WinEntrecardCredits- 125 x 125 Advertising.
Teasa’s Blog Marketing Tips- 1 Month 125×125 Ad.
More merchant- 1 Month 125 x 125.
Wahb- 1 Month 125 x 125 Ad spot and a free site review.
AJN1- 1 Month 125 x 125 Ad Spot.
TheUniversitykid.com- 1 Free blog consultation.
Rockfuse- 1 Free blog consultation.

Here is how you can win!

1.Required Subscribe to my blog’s feed If you are already subscribed then just skip this part. (1 Ticket)
2.Post a comment on articles found on TheGermz.com including this one. (1 Ticket for each comment)
3.Submit any page from thegermz.com to any Social bookmarking site, such as Digg/Stumbleupon etc. (2 Tickets for each submission)
4.Write about the contest (15 tickets)


  1. Erica // July 10, 2008 at 10:15 AM  

    Oh, this is great! I'd love to win. I think this is a great idea to help out bloggers. (Love the generator, too - I use it a lot)

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